furnished living room Sydney apartment

In Search of Long Term Furnished Apartments in Sydney

Sydney is a fantastic city to live in, offering a variety of activities, a rich culture, and a vast array of entertainment. Once you’ve decided to move to this great city, finding an extended stay furnished apartment in Sydney will be a priority. The following provides information for finding an apartment and answers several important questions regarding long term furnished apartments in Sydney.

Before Getting Started
Before starting your search for the ideal apartment, there are a few things to consider to help narrow down the options. For starters, is location of prime importance or is anywhere within the city limits acceptable? Is having two or three bedrooms necessary or is a studio apartment large enough? Is having a pet-friendly apartment a necessity? Finally, how much are you able or willing to spend on an apartment? If you’ve answered all these questions you’ve already narrowed down your search considerably. Now it’s time to begin looking for a long term furnished apartment.

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Kakadu National Park, Norther Territory, Australia

Kakadu & Everything You Need to Know

Kakadu National Park, situated in the Northern Territory of Australia, is a virtual paradise featuring a spectacular variety of wildlife, exotic plants, river systems, and six major landforms.

Booking  a trip  to Kakadu with Totally Australia can help travellers plan their trip to this beautiful park. There are a few things to remember before going. Visitors need to purchase a park pass. They are currently $25 and are good for 14 consecutive days. If travelers are planning on an all night bushwalk or camping outside of the designated areas they will need to purchase a permit.

The following is everything a tourist needs to know about traveling to this amazing park.

Aboriginal Rock Art
The rock art found in Kakadu is world famous and represents the life of the ancient Aboriginals. Nanguluwur, Nourlangie, and Ubirr are the primary art galleries where visitors can view these exquisite works of art. The Aboriginal people still live in the park and help manage it. Though their life has changed during the last 100 years, they still maintain many of their old traditions. Many of the people actually live in settlements in Kakadu.

Plants and Animals
There are over 2,000 known plants in Kakadu. The types of flora a tourist can see vary throughout the different regions of the park. Some of the most interesting include the Pandanus species, the beautiful Lotus Flower, and the Kapok Bush. Some of the wildlife visitors won’t want to miss includes the Leichardt’s grasshopper, a gorgeous grasshopper with vivid colors. The many crocodiles that live throughout the park are a must-see. The best time to view the crocodiles is during the dry season when they congregate in shrinking bodies of water. Tourists should use caution around any body of water where crocodiles gather. Other interesting creatures include the Brolga, a large, gray crane, and the Flatback turtles. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to spot animals in their natural habitats.

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the stunning Sydney Opera House

Thinking of a Holiday to Sydney, Australia

Sydney is Australia’s most popular city for international tourists. Each year, around 2.7 million of them arrive at Sydney Airport. Traffic has become so heavy that there have been repeated requests for a second major airport in the popular tourist town.

As you may know, Australia is one of the most popular international destinations for residents of the UK. About 700,000 of them travel Down Under each year, and many of them end up in Sydney. But because it is such a long flight, around 24 hours, the average Australian vacation is also quite long.

Guests from the UK often stay in Australia between 10 and 14 days. Sometimes they spend that time in a single city, in the vast Australian Outback, or they move around a bit. The most popular flights in Australia are Sydney to Melbourne flights and a good website to book flights and read travel advice and information on Sydney travel deals and packages is Sydney Flights Accommodation.

As we mentioned, Sydney is the main entry point for most tourists from the UK. But Melbourne is a close second when it comes to international guests with nearly two million arriving each year. Many of these tourists come directly from Sydney.Why is this? For starters, Sydney is just an hour away by plane. Flights are efficient and affordable and depart about a dozen times each day. International tourists should always secure their seats a few weeks in advance for substantial cost savings.

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